Home Sweet Home.

I have just returned from my University in Canterbury and have come to my hometown in London because it is my reading week. It has been a month since I have been here and I miss home with all my heart when I’m away. I found an article on Robert Pattinson and his comments about London and being homesick (which can be found on Entertainment Wise).  Robert says, “I miss being able to go for a walk. I miss the smell of London… I almost cried because I missed it so much. And I miss my dog.”

Crying, the exact reaction I get when I am away from home for more than two weeks! I also miss my dog too when I’m away, more than any other person. When I was younger, I never realised what my home actually meant to me. I used to say I was going to move to Australia at the first chance and that I wanted to go to a campus University outside of London. If I did move to Australia, of course I would miss my family. But even if my family moved with me, I’d still miss London immensely! And if I had another chance to go to another University, I would definitely pick one in London and live at home, (I have no regrets though). When I go on holiday, the feeling of landing on your own soil is indescribable! Driving back from the airport, I am always gushing at seeing a red post box, a red bus or even traffic lights. You’d never think that such little things mean so much to you. I do take London for granted sometimes, but I would never wish to be anywhere else but home. Home sweet home!

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  1. Irene

    Hey Natasha,
    I really feel identified with these words of yours. You know I’m not from London, not even UK but I have a special “love” for London that I can’t hardly describe or express with words. As you say, I miss everything!!that bittersweet smell in the streets, that walks I used to do around Camden with the music of my Ipod, gazing at all the weird people&stuff over there, the diversity of its people&culture and I even miss the crappy weather that makes you stay home….That experience opened my mind, in suh a way, that I can’t explain; what’s more, I think there’s a little wound in my heart that can only be healed when I’m in London. I share this feeling with you 🙂 and although it’s not my home, I feel like it was.
    Kisses from Spain!….Irene.

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