Blogger’s block.

I apologise for not writing here that much last week. I went to visit my family back at home and it is easy to get sidetracked there. It also seems that I have lost any inspiration I once had to write posts which has left me with what I call ‘blogger’s block’. I will not fret though. I know there are a lot more blogging topics left in this head of mine and I will attempt to tap into my muse again and give you more of a reason to keep reading my blog. So instead of this post being useless, I though I’d post a few of my favourite online games. I know a lot of people who come across boredom (or should I say procrastination). If you’re interested, try these games.


Sleuth: Shades of Mystery

The West

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One response to “Blogger’s block.

  1. kesizzle

    I feel your pain…
    Maybe it’s essay time as well. All my enegy is being consumed with worrying about essays!

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