International Women’s Day

It is Women’s International Day today. What has surprised me in today’s culture is that even though women attend University and pursue careers; there are still women who choose to become stay at home mother’s all their life, even at a young age. Women of the past have fought for our independence, our freedom to vote and to have the same equal rights as men. I am not a feminist and I am not against marriage or against having children. But I think it is pure ignorance if a woman chooses to become a housewife and/or mother without having taken further education or actually worked for a living. These women have so many opportunities available to them that were not possible for women of centuries ago and they are not taking full advantage of them. I believe it is foolish to abandon such rights which women of the past have fought so much for, even to the point of death. I do believe in freedom of speech and freedom of choice, women can do whatever they please. But by the same token, this is my opinion and I will stick by it. (To view more about International Woman’s Day click here).


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2 responses to “International Women’s Day

  1. jonettecullen

    Just a quick heads up, but if you believe women should be allowed to vote, make as much money as men for the same job, and just generally be treated like citizens, then yes you are a feminist. It’s not a bad thing, and nothing to be ashamed to call yourself.

    And since feminism is all about choices, meaning women now have the choice of going out and getting an education and having a career instead being forced to stay home, there isn’t anything wrong with the women who CHOSE to become stay at home mothers. Every woman in this country has the right to decide what she wants for herself in life, and if being a stay at home mother is what she wants, then she should go for it, just like if another woman wants to go to law school or become a doctor.

    This is one of my favorite online mags to read. They discuss women’s issues like the ones you discussed while still talking about celebrity gossip and the like. Check them out!

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