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Smoking is sexy.

After seeing Twilight last Thursday, I have started to take a liking for Robert Pattinson who plays Edward Cullen in the film; the British actor who found his footing in Harry Potter The Goblets of Fire. I have come across photos of him smoking in photoshoots but I wondered if he does actually smoke. Some more researching led me to X17 Video which featured a video of the Twilight star, spotted at the Chateau Marmont smoking and drinking (the video can be found here).

Robert Pattinson photographed smoking

Robert Pattinson photographed smoking

What I find rather peculiar is that Robert is a normal person. He isn’t some supernatural being (despite what Twilight fans may think). I understand the media’s perspective, Robert is a quick rising star. There are many teenagers, ranging from 13 to 19, who are fans of the Twilight Saga and of the film. The media says Robert should be more aware of his mass following and of their age, he is accused of not being a suitable role model for them. But I believe teenagers are not given the credit they deserve. They do have their own minds. Some teens smoke regardless of whether their favourite celebrity smokes and some teens voice their abhorrence towards the habit. The role model excuse is old news. I believe in socialization of the media to an extent but this reason is petty. Teens are aware of the Hollywood world with their binge drinking and chain smoking, his smoking is not affecting anyone apart from himself. And it’s not as if Robert is attending public events where he will blantantly be photographed by the paparazzi. It is the paparazzi hunting him down in his private time and personal space.

Whether I smoke or I don’t smoke is irrelevant. One thing is for sure no celebrity would make me start smoking and I don’t think any bright young adult would either for that reason alone. However, I do find smoking sexy. The celebrities above are sexy in my opinion, seeing them smoke makes them even sexier. There is something very raw and masculine about smoking. It also makes them appear experienced. I guess it’s part of the bad boy image, even if they aren’t bad boy at all. Smoking is not sexy in reality, what with smoking-related illnesses, the bad smell, off-coloured teeth etc. But you have to admit, these guys look rather smouldering with a cigarette in their hand. I don’t think everyone should smoke; but if they do smoke, leave them to it. Especially hot, unattainable guys.
All in all, no one has the right to tell another what they should and shouldn’t do, it negates free will. If Robert or any other celebrity wants to smoke or drink themselves to oblivion then they should be allowed to do so, he doesn’t have to answer to anyone.

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