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I swear by Evening Primrose Oil.

Today I am going to talk about girly stuff. Girly stuff that can turn a man pale in the face. Girly stuff is what plagues a women’s life from adolescence to the menopause. Of course, I am talking of menstruation. I first started menstruating at age 12. In actual fact, I came on my period on the last day of term in year 7. It is quite daunting for a young girl to go through such an ordeal. I was slightly embarassed and tried to deal with the bizarre phenomenon by myself. My mother intuitively knew that something was not right and told me that I should have let her know about it sooner. Her little girl was growing up.

Ever since my first period, I have always been irregular up until about six months ago. My cycle could span from 20 days to 50 days, it had a mind of it’s own and did whatever it felt like. You may think being on your period is enough to make you kill yourself. But not actually knowing when it’s going to come gives you no time to prepare yourself both physically and mentally. This makes PMS symptoms all the worse. It seems like your body never gets enough time to recuperate. It is not merely one week of every month that we have to endure this pain. As soon as you finish your period, your body starts getting used to not being bashed about. You then spend a week feeling awesome, not a care in the world. A week later, you start to feel a little groggy, the physical symptoms of PMS appear and then the psychological symptoms slowly creep in. Another week ensues with you being on your period. By this train of thought, us girls only have one week to feel fabulous.

I am not exaggerating when I say that my periods are like an illness. Sometimes I can feel really depressed just before my period, I become a self-pitying, sobbing wreck! I have terrible mood swings too, picking fights with loved ones about petty things. It is as if I suffer from Jeckyl and Hyde syndrome, PMS can turn me into a monster! Also, on the first day of my period, I get excrutiating pain. I feel bed-ridden and the toilet becomes my best friend. It is a sort of hysteric feeling, I turn hot and cold, hot and cold. I bloat like a ballon. I feel faint most of the time and sometimes I feel naseous. When periods interfere with normal, every day functioning it cannot be a good sign.

Here’s where the good news starts. For the past six months, my cycle has been quite regular. Spanning from 31 days to 41 days, the average being 35 days. I do not know what has occurred that would regulate my cycle so drastically. I have not changed anything about my lifestyle or diet. It is quite a mystery to me. But this mystery I cannot complain about. As for the depressed feelings, I have come on my period today and during this cycle, I have not experienced one low feeling. What have I been taking, you may wonder? My mother has been nagging at me to buy Evening Primrose Oil, it provides you with nutritional support during the menstrual cycle. During my last cycle, I got so fed up with my PMS symptoms that I decided to listen to my dear mother. Mother’s are always right. I have been taking Evening Primrose Oil every day since I finished my last period. Of course I get a little twinge here and there, but during this cycle I have not wanted to commit suicide! It is not expensive. I purchased Tesco’s High Strength Evening Primrose Oil for £1.45 (1000mg, 30 capsules). At that price, it’s hardly going to break the bank. It is a definite must buy for anyone suffering, even the least bit, from PMS and periods.


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